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Thursday, August 2, 2012


Hi Blogger Friends! I feel terrible that I have been MIA for two weeks. Yes, I've missed Monday Made It two weeks in a row. I am completely devastated about it too! But guys, I have been soooo busy. I went on vacation last week, pulled carpet for my new floors, made a 30-day commitment to work out to get in a little bit of shape for my "after 29" birthday coming soon and I also started working in my classroom. Last year I taught 3rd grade and will be moving up to my first year as a 5th grade teacher. I had so much to move and clean. The room that I moved to was so gross!!! But of course it's clean now. (and the floors were cleaned too... Wooo, hooo!!!)

Here's the proof!! I have a blank slate. (Sorry for the poor quality pictures. These were not taken with my T3, these were taken with my phone that needs to be upgraded...UGH...waiting until November... iphone 5... YAY!!! )

Updates of my progress will be coming soon! :)

For some reason, the photos from my SD card will not load. Maybe better luck tomorrow so that I can post pictures of my new floor and classroom. Check ya later!

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