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Friday, July 13, 2012

Fabulous Find Friday!!!

Happy Friday Everyone! I'm just getting in from spending some QT with the hubby. But of course, I had to drag him to a few of my favorite stores. Do you know this man gave me a 15 minute time limit in each of the stores......(Little does he know, it only takes me 30 seconds or less to find something I want. Ha ha! ---jokes on him! :) Anywho..... I thought I would share my finds from today by linking up with Fun In Room 4B for the Fabulous Find Friday linky!

Here's what I added to my corner in the living room today:


Zebra Print Pens in my colors!!!! ($.40) @ Office Max. I will be going back to get the rest of them. I couldn't get all of them today like I wanted to with you-know-who breathing down my neck.


3-ring binder, tablet, and composition book (Wooo, hooo...)


Books-a-Million $1.00- Mad Libs!! I love these! I used one I found on the Internet last year for a creative writing activity. My students really enjoyed it!


Who can live without ribbon??? Not me, especially not these! Don't know how I going to use them just yet, but I can't live without them!

And for the house..... I can never have too many shoe organizers. I found this one at Ross for $9. Now I can get the 3 pair of shoes I've been hiding in my trunk without you-know-who all in my business. I'll just use the line I always use..... "I already had these!"  (tee-hee)  27 more to go to fill this baby up! :)


I'm headed to the trunk now while someone is napping. He's exhausted trying to keep up with me! :)
Enjoy your Friday!

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